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Texas State Board of
Podiatric Medical Examiners

Physical Address: 333 Guadalupe, Suite #2-320; Austin, Texas 78701
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 12216; Austin, Texas 78711
Phone: (512)-305-7000
Facsimile: (512)-305-7003

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(Construed in accordance with Texas Government Code §2114.006)

The Texas State Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners (T.S.B.P.M.E.) is charged by the State Legislature with licensing and regulating podiatric medicine in Texas. For over eighty-eight years, we strive to ensure quality podiatric medicine for the citizens of Texas. We pursue this goal by means of a fair, aggressive and comprehensive testing, licensing and enforcement program designed to ensure that only qualified professionals are granted licensure and can practice podiatric medicine in Texas.

A podiatric physician is a health care professional who has at minimum, graduated from an accredited four-year college, has graduated from an accredited four-year podiatric medical college, has completed a minimum one-year podiatric residency program and has passed:

  • National Podiatric Boards (Part I and Part II, & Part III)
  • T.S.B.P.M.E. Jurisprudence Examination

In addition, many podiatrists have completed an additional one to three year residency program, beyond the Board’s one-year minimum residency requirement, and may also have attained certification by one or more podiatric certification boards. Podiatric physicians must also complete a minimum of fifty hours of Continuing Medical Education units every two years, in order to renew their license to practice in Texas.

If you have occasion to contact our agency, you can expect to be treated in a courteous and professional manner. Although only three in staff (staff reduction pursuant to the FY 2010/2011 State of Texas 5% Budget Reduction), we are eager to assist you. Our office hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Central Time, Monday through Friday. Our phones are answered by real people. Should we be busy with another phone call, causing you to be transferred to voice mail, you can expect to receive a return phone call from us for routine matters by the end of the same business day or the beginning of the next (staffing reductions withstanding). (Note: Response time-frames can vary and may be extended due to staffing levels and budget/resource limitations/reductions.) Written requests for information are typically responded to within ten business days. However, complex matters may require a longer response time dependent upon the issue at hand which could include presentation before the full Board, subject to legal review, at a regularly scheduled Board Meeting which are months apart. All matters are addressed within priority; subject to relevant legal considerations and statutory/rule provisions.

If you should have occasion to file a complaint with us against a podiatric physician, you will be reasonably notified of the status of our investigation into your allegations. You will also be notified, in writing of the final resolution of your complaint, which could range from “no violation found” to "recommendations" to “suspension” or “revocation” of the podiatric physician’s license to practice in Texas.

We are committed to providing you with excellent customer service. Should you have questions, comments, concerns, or if you just need to talk about an issue, our agency’s Customer Relations Representative is:

Hemant Makan
Executive Director
P.O. Box 12216
Austin, TX 78711-2216